Friday, February 21, 2014

OST I Hear Your Voice

OST Drama ini memang daebak! Kebanyakan babak drama ini yang berlegar di ruang mahkamah dan penyiasatan kes sangat-sangat memerlukan background music yang gempak.Boleh dikatakan semua background music dalam drama ni aku suka daripada yang melatari babak sedih sehinggalah bab suspens sehinggakan aku guna salah satu background music dalam drama ini untuk projek video aku.

Sinopsis macam biasa boleh tengok kat sini:

      Circus in Court Strings

Ada beberapa quotes yang aku suka daripada drama ni:
  • If you're confused whether to tell or not,telling the truth is the answer.That's the right thing to do.
  • These are the truths in the world that are better to known.
  • If someone doesn't admit their wrongdoings,they don't improve.


Zurina Rahamat said...

same with me.. i dont realize that i can finish watched this for 2 days.. really struggle to know the end of the story.. so far, this is the best criminal and investigation movie that i had watched.. hmm it makes think likes a detective, mybe... hahahaha.. btw, i enjoy watching this... =D =D

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