Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Wordless Wednesday

Quotes/Dialogues/Monologues from Korean Drama Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim

               At ER, it's not about who got there first, it's about who needs help more. 
 -Yoon Seo Jung-

EP 2 - An era of discrimination, an era in which your family ties dictate your place in the world more than your skills. Even in a hospital, where people are supposed to value human lives and help others overcome struggles, there is a monarchy like hierarchy prevalent in society even in the 21st century.
- Kang Dong Joo -

EP 1 -  If you really want to get revenge, become a much better human being than those people. Don't get revenge with anger, but with skill.If you don't change, nothing else will either. - Bu Yong Joo -
EP 4 - You can blame the system and the world.You can blame all the people who messed up the world if you want.But nothing will change even if you try so hard to blame everything.If you really want to win, become a doctor can serve. Stop blaming them and and pay them back with your capability.As long as you don't change, nothing will change. - Bu Yong Joo -

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